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Save Time at Our Parts and Service Department

Are you tired of visiting shops that leave you waiting for hours just to find out what is wrong with your car? You definitely won't have that kind of experience when you choose Swant Graber in Barron, Wisconsin. Our qualified mechanics diagnose your vehicle correctly the first time and help you get in and out faster than you ever expected.

Services Available

The services that we offer our customers include tire rotating and balancing, engine diagnostics, brake alignments, oil changes, and extreme detailing. Instead of making you drive to our Barron, Wisconsin, shop from Rice Lake, Sand Creek, or Eau Claire, we recommend that you make an appointment first. You can make a service appointment or order new parts right on our website.

Saving You Money

At Swant Graber, we want to save our customers money and hardships in the long run. When one of our mechanics looks at your car, you will find out exactly what is wrong now and what problems you might experience in the future. Taking care of those problems early on can save you time and money later.

Warranty Work

We can do warranty work on all Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, Chevrolet and GM vehicles.

Stop by our Barron, Wisconsin dealership for help ordering new parts, getting routine maintenance done, or to apply for credit to buy a new car.

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