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How Often Should I Rotate and Balance the Tires on My Ford?

Most drivers from Barron, WI, know how important it is to look after their vehicles, but regrettably, many Wisconsin drivers fail to rotate and balance their tires. Tire rotation and balancing should be a priority no matter what you're driving.

Why Rotating and Balancing Are Important

Tires that aren't rotated will wear out prematurely. Improperly balanced tires will deliver a lousy driving experience and possibly hurt the drivetrain. The rough driving conditions found in the Barron, WI, area often make the problem worse.

Factors Affecting the Service Time Interval

The proper tire rotation and balancing service interval for Barron drivers depends on many factors. Driving terrain is one extremely important consideration. For example, road conditions will vary widely between locations like Rice Lake, Sand Creek and Eau Clair. The make and model of vehicle also matters greatly.

How to Tell When Servicing Is Required

Tires displaying uneven wear should be rotated as soon as possible. Lousy handling is another tell-tale sign that a rotation should be performed. As for balancing, noticeable vibration over 30 MPH for no apparent reason is a common symptom.

When you have questions about your tires or any other part of your vehicle, whether new or used, contact us at Swant Graber to schedule an appointment.

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